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Something New For Something New

I have decided to start blogging ! I pretty much have no idea what that actually means ! But I will do my best to give insights on what we do, how we work and what works well or doesn't so much when filming weddings ! if you have any views please get in touch and we will try and cover any thoughts or questions you may have. 


Claire & Ryan 15.04.22

After heading out to two new venues last week I was back on home turf at the Enterkine House Hotel in Ayr for Claire and Ryan's Day. Again working two photographers who were again very considerate to myself which ultimately makes a better film for our couple. It doesn't matter how many times I film at Enterkine working with a new photographer will deliver scenes and views qhich are unique to your day. I have shot couples many times here but these photographers switched things around with the boardwalk view catching the couples reflection in the water


Jennifer and Craig 10.04.22

Another first for us this week filming at the Vu in Bathgate, I had heard about the Vu from different suppliers as they run two weddings a day and are quite specific about things so was a little weary shooting there. But all I can say is WOW the team have it nailed I watched in awe as they turned the venue from one wedding to the next and even changing the ceremony room around into the reception it was very very slick ! Jennifer and Craig had a great day and we were aided by a lovely photographer too. I am back at the Vu in September and have no doubt it too will be a fab day 


Kaitlin and Lewis 07.04.22

It was our first time filming weddings on the Lodge on Loch Lomond, having stayed there a few years back I had very high expectations of filming a wedding in such stunning scenery. I got there nice and early checked where the ceremony was going to be held and got unloaded with all tripods cameras microphones in place ready for our groom an humanist and then set about getting some morning prep and setting the scene shots relaxed knowing everything was in place. It wasn't until later in the morning when I noticed the wedding team setting up an arch at the other side of the hotel and they advised the wedding was going to be outside, the words of Douglas Adams sprung to mind 'Don't Panic' ! Now in mid morning preparations I had to get all the gear from one side of the hotel to the other while still filming (The Groom and groomsmen had arrived) luckily I got everything across in time but I think my stress level went from 10-100 in seconds lol. But what a location to have an outdoor ceremony the back drop was amazing and the weather played ball too. After the Ceremony the our Bride and Groom took a trip on the Beau Jangles yacht followed by photos on the shore of loch Lomond all very Epic ! Another duo of photographers working with View photography who were very helpful throughout the day. As for moving all my gear back to the reception room I enlisted the help of the groomsmen ! lol 


Ashley and Scott 02.04.22

We were back at the Enterkine House Hotel for Ashley and Scott's big day, now a familiar venue for us and its always nice to work along Fiona knowing how she works is always an advantage. Two things happened at this wedding which has never happened before, first off the photographer who was covering the Groomsmen getting ready took the time to ask me what size lenses I was using.  On the surface you will be forgiven for thinking what does it matter what lenses I was using, but the photographer was actually asking was how close or wide am I when shooting so she would know how much space we both would need and if she would be getting into shot. Obviously working alongside Photographers can be a bit hit or miss but we always look to try and get the best out of every wedding, but when you have a photographer actually taking how you are shooting into their consideration it really is a big deal for me. Later in the day we had organised a group drone shot, the weather conditions were right and after a quick call the Prestwick ATC had given me the thumbs up to fly so offered to do some photos for the photographers which they could edit and use, one good turn certainly deserves another in my book. So a really big thank you to Sinead Firman Photography for creating a lovely working experience for the day. 

The other unusual thing to happen on the day was the couple's chosen DJ came over and introduced himself to Photographers and myself. He went through his set up took us through his lighting, asked if there was any lighting styles we would prefer and how the first few dances would run ! Again to take that level of interest in a fellow supplier was well above the norm and a Big thank you to the DJ - Whose name I will find out an update here.

A great selection of suppliers chosen by Mr & Mrs Anderson for their along with a FAB Ayrshire venue. 

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