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We know weddings.

Hi I'm Mike and as you can tell I hate having my photo taken ! I put Something New together after years working both in the photography/videography industry and the wedding industry. I always had a keen interest in photography and videography culminating in 2015 where I gave up my Manager role in Hospitality (Si! in Irvine) to work on a cruise ship producing weekly DVD's of the ships travels. 
Returning to the UK in 2016 I took up the position of General Manager of the Waterside Hotel in West Kilbride, where I spent 2 years managing a hugely successful wedding venue. During this time I was able to observe different wedding film makers and it become obvious there were different classes of people who film weddings. It was then I decided to bridge the gap between the expensive cinematic film makers and the budget videographers offering the cinematic experience, using the same equipment and cameras as the high end brands but not charging the Hollywood pricing creating Something New in the wedding video market.

Family Life


I live in Irvine and my better half Kim works in the Hospitality trade so over the summer months we are like ships in the night ! We have two teenagers at home a 4 year old called Max and a Frenchie called Harley ! 
I guess my hobbies are whatever Max likes doing ! so you can often find us on the beach rain or shine. I am slowly looking to recover my Vinyl collection own a BMX tuff burner, trying to learn to ride a electric unicycle and love to play Pop master
I have been a postman, Cruise Ship Photographer, General Manager, Server, Driving Instructor, Concierge, Receptionist, worked at TGI Fridays and Hard Rock Cafe as well as Whitbread,  Simpsinns and Holland & America cruise lines

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